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Created on 2009-06-02 00:58:51 (#397568), last updated 2010-11-26 (360 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 21
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Uh, um. Well. Yeah. I'm just this guy entity, you know?

Depending on the time of day, my mood, the phase of the moon, and what I had to eat, I am some subset (possibly improper) of the following identifiers: cisgender; male-identified; African-American; Philadelphian via Chicago and Pittsburgh; parent; "'software' 'engineer'"; punk-rock economist; renegade public policy analyst; economic historian; opera fan and aficionado of both baroque and 20th-century classical music; hip-hop head; erstwhile metalhead; informal bartender; data analyst and predictive modeler; not much fun at parties; professional dilettante without portfolio; veteran sysadmin and impromptu IT technician; breakfast chaser par excellence.

My current life does not involve posting much. I've wanted to change that for a while, but haven't yet done what needs to be done. Ah, well. Anyway, I do read journal entries, though.

It is a sin not to know why you are sinning. Pointless sin must be avoided. -- Edward Leamer

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afropunk, american music club, anaïs nin, anne lamott, araabmuzik, bad religion, basic channel, bayesian models, bbc radio 1xtra, bill withers, black and white photography, black history, bluegrass, bootlegs, bourbon, broadcasting standards, c-span, causal inference, charles mingus, chicago, chicago house, cliometrics, clipse, clojure, coffee, community based operations research, cornel west, counterfeit merchandise, data science, deafheaven, deirdre mccloskey, deviance with a veneer of respectability, devops, dialectics of power, discordance axis, dj-ing, dorothy parker, drive-by truckers, econometrics, economic history, economics, economics of race, edward tufte, excel, fantasy football, federico fellini, film photography, functional programming, game theory, gis, glasses, glenn loury, gustav mahler, hackerspaces, hebrew, hgtv, hüsker dü, incentive-compatible contracts, indulging my wanderlust, institutional cynicism, isley brothers, joel rl phelps, jungle, karlheinz stockhausen, labor economics, labradford, latin, liaisons dangereuses, london review of books, ludwig wittgenstein, mac os x, machine learning, markov chains, mary gaitskill, mechanism design, merzbow, michael eric dyson, michel foucault, modal logic, montréal, moral nihilism, neko case, new institutional economics, newton messagepad, o'jays, one-pot recipes, ontological relativity, opera, optimal control theory, panel data, passionate moderation, perl, philadelphia, philosophy of science, pittsburgh, political economy, power electronics, predictive analytics, public policy, python, radio raheem, rebecca newberger goldstein, retrocomputing, richard thompson, rock band, roger troutman, roland fryer, rudolf carnap, satellite communications, saul kripke, semiotics, shattering the illusion of integrity, shellac, silkworm, simone de beauvoir, slavoj žižek, sous vide, spatial agglomeration, split lip rayfield, sql, square one television, stata, statistics, steve reich, susan haack, susan sontag, system d, tales of institutional malfeasance, tea, television broadcasting, the mclaughlin group, the meat purveyors, the mechanical universe and beyond, the wire, theory of measurement, treatment evaluation, typography, urban agriculture, urban economic policy, venetian snares, vocoders, weather models, willard quine, wine, young jeezy, yukio mishima, zora neale hurston, émile zola

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